Pizza Value Calculator

Get more pizza for less dough.

# Store Shape Price Per Size Qty Total Area Cost Value

How to use

Enter pizza size, quantity, and pricing details for the deals or pizzas you want to compare. The calculator will do the rest – highlighting the best deal for you in green!

Clicking the 'Add ...' links under the table will instantly add popular sizes and quantities to the list of candidate deals.

If you like the old calculator on better: Take me to the old tool!

More help:

  • Store dropdown – prepopulate the pizza size, if you're ordering from a restaurant we have pizza size data for.
  • Shape – click to change crust shape
  • Price – base cost of the deal
  • Per – # of pizzas included in deal
  • Size – pizza size in inches or cm
  • Qty – number of deals to buy
  • Total – calculated total cost
  • Area – calculated total pizza area (in² or cm²)
  • Cost – calculated pizza cost per unit area, or "money for dough" ratio (lower is better)
  • Value – calculated pizza unit area per currency unit, or "dough for money" ratio (higher is better)